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San Diego Orthodontist

San Diego Orthodontist

orthodontist in san diegoWhen you decide that you or your child would like a more beautiful smile you want to find the best orthodontist in San Diego. A good San Diego orthodontist can handle all types of adjustments ranging from moving a tooth to a more healthy and attractive position, to straightening teeth that need major adjustments or aligning the positions of the upper and lower jaws correctly.


Beauty and Health

You may have health or cosmetic reasons for considering a San Diego orthodontist. In fact, it might surprise you to know that you’ll improve your health when you improve your smile! The way you chew your food affects your digestion; so straightening your teeth can prevent many digestive problems and help your body absorb nutrition more efficiently, improving your general health.


Some common reasons to seek orthodontic treatment in San Diego

The way you look when you smile depends on how your jaw is formed and how your permanent teeth grew in. The way your teeth and jaw are situated dictate how perfect your bite is; when your teeth are not aligned properly to produce a good bite it is called a malocclusion.  Most people don’t have a perfect bite, but not everyone needs San Diego orthodontics. Small imperfections can be corrected more quickly than major malocclusions. You may even be a candidate for Invisalign correction rather than braces.

The alignment of your jaw and the way it grows is the major contributor to crooked or misaligned teeth.  There are a number of conditions caused by jaw length and alignment that affect your health and appearance. Some examples include:

•    Overbite
•    Underbite
•    Crossbite
•    Misplaced Midline
•    Gaps
•    Tooth crowding

An overbite occurs when the upper jaw is longer than the lower, causing the upper teeth to protrude.  You may have heard this condition referred to as “buck teeth”.  Many children have overbites that are corrected as they grow, but they should be monitored by a San Diego orthodontist so that the condition can be corrected if it does not naturally adjust itself.

An underbite is caused by the lower jaw being longer than the upper, causing the lower teeth to protrude.  You should consult a San Diego orthodontics specialist if your child has this condition. Children’s underbites and overbites are often much easier to correct than those for adults.

You or your child might also have a crossbite, which is not an overbite or underbite but refers to teeth that are incorrectly aligned, affecting the way you bite.  Ideally, the upper front teeth should be ever so slightly in front of the lower teeth and.  A misplaced midline is another common condition in which the upper front teeth don’t align with the lower teeth; this is a more obvious condition than a crossbite.

Gaps in the teeth might be adorable in young children, but these can eventually lead to serious condition in adults, affecting the digestion as well as appearance. Gaps can lead to teeth growing in crookedly since there are no “guidelines” on either side to keep them straight. The opposite, tooth crowding, happens when the mouth is not big enough for the teeth, the teeth are overly large or there are too many teeth.  Tooth crowding can lead to impacted molars which often require painful surgery to extract.

Ironically, you can have a lovely smile as a child and teenager and your teeth might become crooked when you are an adult. The sooner you see a San Diego orthodontist to get your teeth corrected, the better. It’s nearly always faster and less costly to correct misalignment of the teeth when it is caught in the early stages.

Three out of every ten children need some form of orthodontic treatment. A child should be evaluated by a San Diego orthodontist once they reach roughly seven years of age and see the orthodontist on an annual basis to monitor their progress. Many conditions can be corrected before they become serious if treated in the early stages.


Many options are available

If you or your child needs braces, a San Diego orthodontist can offer you many options.  The silver braces of the 20th century that some consider unattractive are no longer your only choice. San Diego orthodontic specialists can often offer colored braces, which are actually plastic rings that hold the wires in place rather than metal.  There are many colors to choose from, including white to make the braces less obvious. In many cases, especially for adults, Invisalign clear plastic braces are an option.

You have many choices amongst orthodontists San Diego has to offer; it’s possible to find a San Diego orthodontist conveniently located to your home, school, or office with hours that are compatible to your schedule. You have so many choices that it won’t be difficult to find the best orthodontist in San Diego for your child or yourself.